Urban Commuter

Nowadays commuting in megacitys ­can be very stressfull. ­How will we commut in 2030?­ And how do we get people to be comfortable around driverless cars? A free project I did in 2017.


Cooperation project with Rosenbauer in my first year of the master degree. ­ The task was to find solutions for the challenges airport firefighters have to deal with in 2038.

Porsche 618 Concept

Porsche has the unique selling point of very emotional cars. In 2018 they reach for a new and younger target group with the compact urban 618 Concept. A free project I did in 2016.


Rimac is an aspiring company with lots of know how in e-mobility. In this free short project I created new ideas with rimacs design language.

VW Volkssport Concept

In my first design project at the university back in 2013 the task was to develop a small and affordable sportscar for Volkswagen. Building a clay model was also part of the process.

Free Work

Here you can find some of my free work that I do next to my study. This categorie will be updated continually.